Data Mining

Group Project

This page will updated as the project progresses throughout the semester.
The next two milestones are the presentation and final report:


The purpose of the group project is to get hands-on experience in applying maching learning algorithms to interesting/important problems.


Milestone Due date
Initial proposal Friday, September 22nd
Group formation Friday, September 29th
Formal proposal Monday, October 16th
Progress report Monday, November 13th
Presentation November 28th and December 1st
Final report Monday, December 4th

How Groups Work

The course project will be in groups of 4-6 students. Undergrads team up with undergrads. Graduate students team up with graduate students. This is to ensure that graduate students select more ambitious projects (though undergraduate projects should still be moderately ambitious and highly ambitious ones (if reasonably feasible) are certainly welcomed).

Each student is expected to be involved with some machine learning component of the project. If, for instance, a project is to get movie ratings data and then apply some fancy machine learning method for it, it is not OK if one person only collects the data. Collecting data is not machine learning (unless, of course, you're using machine learning itself to collect the data!).

Some general advice about the project
Here are some project ideas to help get you started thinking