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Welcome to the web pages of Robin Hicks and his research group at the University of Victoria. We are synthetic inorganic chemists with a primary interest in complexes containing ligands which are redox-active, paramagnetic, highly coloured, or some combination thereof. Our goals are to understand and exploit "functional ligand" based coordination complexes for a range of scientific challenges including catalysis, advanced materials, new functional dyes, and alternative energy.  Please take a look at the Research and Publication pages for more details about our work. For more information please contact Robin Hicks.

Interested in joining the Hicks group? I am always interested to hear from prospective graduate or undergraduate (Chem 499/498, summer students) students. Generally I am not in a position to hire postdocs except self-funded ones.

Research support from the following sources is gratefully Acknowledged:

Contact information:

Department of Chemistry

University of Victoria

PO Box 3065, STN CSC

Victoria, B.C. V8W 3V6 CANADA

tel. +1-250-721-7165

email: rhicks(at)uvic.ca