Hicks Research Group Members





Hicks group summer 2014. Erica, Zach, Genvieve, Emma, Corey, Dillon.
Genevieve Boice was born in New Zealand and raised "all over". She has a BA (Chemistry) from Mount Holyoke College and an MSc (Chemistry) from the University of Washington. In between her first two degrees Genevieve worked as a synthetic organic chemist for Merck & Co., Roche, amd Onyx Pharmaceuticals. She entered the Ph.D. program at UVic in 2011 where she is working on new fluorescent ligands derived from thioindigo. Outside the lab Genevieve enjoys a number of outdoor hobbies including hiking, biking, learning about wilderness navigation and backcountry travel.
Erica (Hye Jin) Hong was born in Gwangmyeong, South Korea, and came to Canada in 2005. Erica obtained BSc in Chemistry from UVic in 2013. After enjoying a Chem 498 project with the Hicks group, she happily joined the group as a MSc student in May 2014.  Her focus in on indigo derivatives. Erica is a movie maniac and is interested in the stars and universe!
Rehan Higgins is starting his undergraduate thesis (Chem 499) in September 2014. Details to come...
Dillon Hofsommer was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. After completing a BSc in Chemistry at North Dakota State University in 2012 and a brief stint with the USDA, he began research for his MSc on Nindigo in the Hicks group in September 2013. Outside of the lab, Dillon enjoys creating convoluted culinary concoctions.
Shaun MacLean is from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  After performing summer work at the University of Manitoba in computational studies of dye-sensitised solar cells followed by honours project work in computational studies of actinide systems, he started moving into organic synthesis in the spring of 2014.  He moved to Victoria in August of 2014 to begin an MSc with the Hicks group in indigo derivatives.  As a hobby, Shaun loves to study languages, and he has performed in wind ensembles up to the national level on various woodwind and brass instruments.
Emma Nicholls-Allison is from Victoria, BC and after completing a BSc in Chemistry at UVic in 2010 she joined graduate school under the supervision of Dr. David Berg.  After two years in the Berg group she is excited to join Dr. Robin Hicks to work on Nindigo chemistry.  In her spare time, Emma is an avid runner and an amateur foodie.
Corey Sanz was born, raised, and educated in Victoria. He completed his B.Sc. (Chemistry) at UVic in 2011 and entered the M.Sc. program here the same year. Corey' research focuses on new redox chemistry of verdazyl radicals and their metal complexes. Corey is an avid jock and hockey fan.

former Graduate students

  • Matt Nodwell M.Sc. 1999  research scientists, Theravance, then Ph.D. UBC (Ray Anderson), now postdoc, Munchen, Germany (Sieber)
  • Greg Patenaude Ph.D. 2002  Postdoc Montreal (Wuest), now Academic instructor,  U Lethbridge
  • Martin Lemaire Ph.D. 2002 Postdoc NC State (Shultz), Memorial (Thompson), instructor (Colby College, Whitman College); now Associate Professor (CRC Chair), University of Brandon
  • Bryan Koivisto Ph.D. 2005  NSERC Postdoc, Edinburgh (Leigh); Postdoc, Calgary (Berlinguette); now Assistant Professor, Ryerson U
  • Dan Myles Ph.D. 2005  Postdoc, Gronigen (Hummelen); postdoc, Waterloo (Oakley); now Academic instructor, Oregon State U
  • Sharon Caldwell M.Sc. 2006  B.Ed., Mt. Allison. Now High school science teacher, New Brunswick
  • Joe Gilroy Ph.D. 2008.  NSERC/Marie Curie Postdoc, Bristol (Manners). Now assistant professor, Western U.
  • Simon Oakley M.Sc. 2008  Now Technician, Teck Operations Inc., Trail, B.C.
  • Tyler Trefz Ph.D. 2010 Postdoc UVic (McIndoe);  Now Research Scientist at MEA Research Group, Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation, Vancouver
  • Kevin Anderson Ph.D. 2010  Now Arctic Research Coordinator, Environment Canada
  • Steve McKinnon M.Sc. 2005, Ph.D. 2010. Now Assistant Professor, Camosun College
  • Bart Nowak, M.Sc.2011. Now. Law School, UWO
  • Cooper Johnston, M.Sc. 2013.
  • Graeme Nawn, Ph.D. 2013.
Former Postdocs
  • Dr. Richard Hooper (1997-8) Postdoc, Wisconsin (West); now Materials Technologist, Sims Group UK Limited
  • Dr. Mhamed Chahma (2001-04) postdoc, Brock (Pilkington); postdoc, Guelph (Houmam); now Associate Professor, Laurentian U.
  • Dr. Rajsapan Jain  (2002-2006); postdoc, Windsor/Toronto (Stephan); now Senior Research Chemist - OLED Printing Technology, USA
  • Dr. Peter Otieno (2003-06) now Research Scientist, SBI Fine Chemicals, Edmonton
  • Dr. Md. Khayrul Kabir (2003-06) Postdoc, Colorado State U. (Shores). Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Dr. Daniel Plaul (2011). now Postdoc, U. of Kiel (Germany) (Herges).
Former Undergraduate Researchers
  • Andrew Dixon (1997). Medical School...
  • Christa Ford (1997). now @ Teck Cominco Ltd., Vancouver
  • Julie Nager (1997) now Radiation therapist, Fraser Valley Cancer Centre
  • Cecilia Stevens (1998) – Ph.D. UBC (Thompson)....
  • Preston Chase (1998) – Ph.D. Calgary (Piers). Now Senior Scientist at Green Centre Canada, Kingston, ON
  • Tim Storr (1998) – Ph.D. UBC (Orvig), Postdoc Stanford (Stack); Now Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser
  • Helen Yee (1998-9) - ?
  • Graham Murphy (1999) Ph.D. Alberta (F. West)...Now Assistant Professor, Waterloo
  • Bill Wiltse (1999) - AXYS, Sidney, BC.
  • Rick Barber (1999) – Ph.D. Swinburg Universtiy of Technolgoy (Australia). now Project Manager, Grey Innovation
  • Rod Stirling (2000) - Senior Scientist at FPInnovations
  • Melissa Wood (2000) - ?
  • Athena Bennett (2000-01) – Medical School, UBC
  • Geoff Badham (2001) - ?
  • Ursula Kisiel (2001) – Medical school, Poland
  • Tamara Kunz (2002-03) –Ph.D. UBC (Wolf). Now Instructor, UBCO
  • Anika Louie (2002-03) – Ph.D. McMaster (Valliant).
  • Sharon Sharma (2003) - ?
  • Evan Crawford (2003) – M.Sc. (Earth & Ocean Sciences) UBC. now Veterinary medicine…
  • Dave Stuart (2004) – Ph.D. Ottawa (Fagnou), NSERC PDF Harvard (Jacobsen). now Assistant Professor Portland State U.
  • Eric Bond (2006) - ?
  • Tim MacInnis (2008) – now M.Sc. UVic/Malaspina (Krogh)
  • Kate Waldie (2008-10) – now Ph.D. student, Stanford (Waymouth)
  • Travis Schwantje (2009) – M.Sc. Ottawa (Barriault) now @ research associated Gilead Sciences
  • Brendan Peters (2009) – now B.Ed. Program, St.F.X., Nova Scotia
  • Derek Mandel (2009-10) – now researcher at Nordion Inc., Vancouver
  • Carita Sequeira (2011) - B.Sc. in progress
  • Bryan Roberston (2011) - B.Sc. in progress (UWO)
  • Lauren Rainsford (2011) - graduate school (UWO)
  • Christie Lombardi (2012) - B.Sc. in progress
  • Matt Morgan (2012) -Corrosion Analyst at Bio-Chem Consulting Services Ltd.
  • Clara McDonald (2013) - B.Sc. in progress
  • James Kirkpatrick (2012-13) - B.Sc. in progress
  • Bryony Mcalister (2013) - B.Sc. in progress
  • Nathan Chen-Mack (2013) - B.Sc. in progress
  • Patrick Fergursson (2013) -B.Sc. in progress