contact: Jeremy E. Wulff

Professor of  Organic Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria

PO Box 3065, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W-3V6

( courier: 3800 Finnerty Road )

phone: 250.721.7179  -  fax: 250.721.7147

office: Elliot 311

laboratory: SCI B214 / B214a / B210


Group News:09/14/18:Tyler and Tong's Macromolecules paper is highlighted in both Synfacts and Advances in Engineering.

08/03/18:The group gets some nice media attention, as stories about fPDCPD are featured on CBC radio, CKNW Vancouver, and the Ring. Click here for full story and video

08/01/18:We receive a MITACS grant to develop novel chemical crosslinkers. New postdocs Chakri Simhadri and Mathieu Lepage join the team to undertake this exciting research! 
07/03/18:The group enjoys a day at the beach!!
07/01/18:Dr. Wulff is promoted to full professor.
05/17/18:New postdoc Chang Liu joins the lab to work on fPDCPD copolymers. Welcome to the team!

05/02/18:Jun successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations!

03/31/18:Tyler moves on to an exciting new position at SFU.
03/01/18:Ronan successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations! 
03/01/18:Our second fPDCPD paper appears in Macromolecules. We must be real polymer chemists now :-)
02/15/18:Andy wins a presentation prize at the Department's Graduate Student Research Day. Congratulations!
12/09/17:Tong receives 1st prize for her poster presentation at PCAMM 2017. Excellent work!

10/20/17:Jun lands a job with BC Research and Ronan lands a postdoc with the James & Frye groups at UNC. Congrats guys! 
10/16/17:An NSERC CRD is awarded to the Hore and Wulff groups, together with ASAsoft Canada. 
10/16/17:A second paper in our series on radical stabilization logic & the Diels-Alder reaction appears in print.

09/06/17:We have an immediate opening for a postdoctoral researcher. Please click here for more info.

09/01/17:Jon and Derek join the group to work on total synthesis and functionalized nanoparticle projects (respectively). Welcome to both of you!

01/12/16:The group receives a Petroleum Research Fund 'New Directions' grant to support our polymer synthesis research. Definitely a new direction for us!

09/10/16:Ronan and Jun receive presentation prizes at our biannual Graduate Student Research Day. Congratulations to both of you!!

12/10/16:Another Thiele ester paper – this time on the underlying mechanism of dimerization – appears in OBC.

06/10/16:Jun's polymer paper appears in ACS Omega. Congratulations to all involved!
01/09/16:Tong and Andy join the group -- welcome to both of you! 
25/08/16:Thomas successfully defends his MSc thesis and heads to Guelph for a PhD in philosophy. Seriously.

23/06/16:Our collaboration with the Christie group is accepted to Neuroscience.
11/05/16:Jun and Kevin's paper on the resolution of Thiele's acid is accepted to the CanJChem special issue in honour of Reg Mitchell, our much-loved former colleague and teacher.

01/01/16:Mike's review is selected for the cover of Synthesis.

03/12/15:One Wulff/Hof and one Hof/Wulff papers appear in BioorgMedChemLett and ACS MedChemLett.

03/09/15:Our Thiele's ester paper is published in JOC as a featured article. Congratulations Jun and Brenden! 
13/08/15:Mike's 3-sulfolene review is accepted to Synthesis. Yay, self-citations :-)

05/08/15:Longtime undergraduate group member Jordan heads to the dark side; is accepted to UBC medical school. Congratulations Jordan!
05/01/15:Luis and Thomas both commit to joining the lab as new grad students. Thomas receives an NSERC PGS award. 
04/30/15:All of our outstanding undergrads  Shanti, Xuan and Amanda  receive USRA or SURA funding to work in the Wulff or Berg labs over the summer. Congratulations!
04/17/15:Dr. Wulff gets a nice profile in Synform.

03/10/15:Jason's marathon didemnaketal story is published in Tetrahedron
03/06/15:Mike's latest sulfone paper is accepted to OBC
02/09/15:Dr. Lok-Hang Yan joins the group. Welcome!!
11/18/14:Jason successfully defends his thesis – congratulations Dr. Davy!

10/27/14:Natasha successfully defends her thesis – congratulations Dr. O'Rourke!

10/12/14:Dr. Wulff survives the 35th annual Victoria marathon.

09/01/14:A new collaboration with the Wang group at BC Cancer kicks off with a funded CCSRI Inovation grant.

08/26/14:Our collaboration with the McIndoe group on the mechanism of the phosphine-mediated conjugate addition of alcohols to alkynoates is publised in the New Journal of Chemistry.
07/01/14:Bobby joins the group. 
06/20/14:Our collaborative study of peramivir's conformational dynamics appears in MedChemComm.
06/01/14:The group heads off to the big CSC meeting in Vancouver. 
03/02/14:The group attends the Volcano meeting, where Natasha gives a great talk on our early PD1 data. 
02/15/14:Jeremy is selected as a Top 20 Under 40 award winner for Vancouver Island. 

12/18/13:Natasha's second giant mechanistic study is accepted to Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Congratulations -- now how about some smaller papers, eh? 
09/01/13:Jeremy is named a Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee for 2014.

09/01/13: Jun and Ronan join the group. Welcome to you both!
06/09/13: Steven is the first undergrad in the group to get a first-author paper. Congratulations Steven!
05/30/13: Jeremy, Natasha, Jason and Mike all present at the CSC in Quebec City. Good times.  
01/02/12: The group receives a Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grant.
11/08/12: Mike's neuraminidase inhibitor paper is accepted to Organic Letters. Congratulations Mike on an awesome piece of work, with much more to come soon! 
11/08/12: Caleb successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Bromba!
09/05/12: The vinyl ether mechanism story is accepted as a full paper in JOC. Congratulations Natasha and Katie!
08/17/12: The group receives funding from the Cancer Research Society.
07/23/12: Natasha and Katie's epic vinyl ether paper is submitted. It's long, but it's great! 
06/18/12: The xanthates paper is accepted to JOC. Hooray xanthates!
06/11/12: Jeremy and Katherine attend Katherine's graduation.
05/09/12: The xanthates paper is (finally!) submitted. Nice work Jeremy M. & Jason.
04/30/12: Mark, Ameena, Ryan, Steven and Leena all start and the lab is officially full.
04/03/12: Katherine successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Davies!
03/13/12: Jeremy is named the Tier II Canada Research Chair in Bioactive Small Molecule Synthesis
03/13/12: Jason's paper is accepted to an upcoming Synthesis Special Issue on Tandem Reactions
12/01/11: The CIC's annual crystal growing contest nets some beautiful entries from Vancouver Island.
11/13/11: Jason wins an award for his talk at BSOC. Congratulations, Jason!
10/31/11: Katherine give her final PhD seminar to the department - and the first ever from our group.

Caleb's paper is accepted to Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

09/09/11: Katherine's iterative synthesis paper is accepted to OrgLett
08/09/11: Jeremy Mason wins a prize for best presentation at the PNWURSOC.
07/28/11: The group heads out on our first annual kayaking trip
06/28/11: Jeremy receives a Michael Smith Career Scholar Award.
03/05/11: The triclosan paper is accepted to Environmental Science and Technology.
02/05/11: Nikki joins the group to study the mechanism of phosphine-mediated additions.
25/01/11: Katherine's juvenile hormone paper is accepted to TetLett.
14/12/10: The triclosan paper is submitted.
03/12/10: Jason and Jeremy visit Boehringer Ingelheim.
01/11/10: The juvenile hormone paper is submitted.
08/26/10: Mike and Caleb's paper is accepted to JOC.
07/20/10: Mike lands a fellowship from CIHR - the first ever for the chemistry department.
06/30/10: We receive funding from CIHR - from the virology panel, no less!
06/17/10: Jason is awarded a fellowship from Boehringer Ingelheim - the only one in Canada.
02/15/09: Our group's first patent is filed.
05/15/09: Dr. Hanem Hassan joins the group as our resident protein-expression expert. 
05/01/09: Nadine and Alicia sign on for summer terms.
04/15/09: Natasha lands a prestigious NSERC CGS award.

We receive funding from the Canadian Cancer Society .

04/01/09: Mike signs on as a graduate student.
04/01/09: Kevin, Nick, and Mike successfully defend their undergraduate theses.
03/27/09: Our first paper is accepted to JOC .

The group attends the volcano conference in Washington State.


Natasha and Jason join the group, just in time to fill the new fumehoods.

09/01/08: Nick and Kevin join up for fall and spring research terms.
09/01/08: The group moves into brand new space in the new Science Building.

Ryan and Mike join for summer terms, and the group doubles in size again!


Funding also comes through for a fancy new HPLC/FPLC.


We are now officially NSERC -funded. 

01/01/08: The group receives a generous - and unexpected - funding boost from Merck Frosst .

Katherine and Caleb attend BSOC, where they learn many amusing stories about Dr. Wulff's graduate student days - and hopefully also pick up some new chemistry.

7/31/07: Caleb joins, and the group doubles in size!         
7/11/07: 1st reaction run. Already looking forward to the Nature paper.