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Dance Halls of Early Victoria,

The Squaw Dance House. 1864. The British Colonist.

The Squaw Dance House Nuisance. 1864. The British Colonist.

The Squaw Dance-House. 1864. The British Colonist.

Supreme Court. 1864. The British Colonist.

The Dance Houses. 1861. The British Colonist.

The Dance Houses. 1861. The British Colonist.

Arrest of Street-Walkers. 1860. The British Colonist.

W. Bowden, Chief of Police, Victoria.1860.

Government Street at Fort Street, 1864. British Columbia Archives, file number HP-74420 .

Government Street, 1888. British Columbia Archives file number HP-44362.

Richard Lewis, Mayor of Victoria in 1872. British Columbia Archives, Call number G-05736 .

Thomas Harris, First Mayor of Victoria. British Columbia Archives, call number A-01332 .

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Crease, 1862. View of Yates Street, from Government to Wharf. BCA, call number A-08060.

Dally, Frederick, 1838-1914. BCA, call number A-02997.

Dally, Frederick, 1838-1914. The Aurora gold mining claim on William's Creek. BCA, call number A-00782 .

Dally, Frederick, 1838-1914. Victoria's old legislative buildings, also known as the Birdcages. BCA, call number A-0093 .

Dally, Frederick, 1838-1914. Looking east on Fort Street from Government Street, Victoria. BCA, call number A-02655 .

Dossetter, Edward. ca. 1881. Indian women spinning wool at Metlakatla.

E. J. Eyres and Company. Bishop George Hills. BCA, call number A-01364.

Evans, Ephraim. 1861. Rev. Dr. Evans on the Dance House. The British Colonist.

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Many Miners. 1861. Dance House- Miners not to Blame. The British Colonist.

Maynard. Fort Street, Victoria, BC. BCA, call number F-06580: .
Muskett. Potlatch, Esquimalt, group of Native women folding blankets at Potlatch. BCA, call number G-04243 .

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Undetermined. Cormorant Street west of Government Street, Victoria. BCA, call number B-01653.

Undetermined. Homes and Businesses along Humboldt Street, Victoria. BCA, call number D-06541 .

Undetermined. The James Bissett residence 140 Government Street, Victoria. BCA, call number A-03280.

Undetermined. Looking west down Johnson Street from Douglas Street, Victoria. BCA, call number A-02657 .

Undetermined. Miners Gold Panning Near Yale. BCA, call number A-01958: .

Undetermined. The Reverend Ephriam Evans. BCA, call number B-01424: .

Undetermined. The Reverend Evans.

Undetermined. The Reverend Evans. BCA, call number B-04192 .

Undetermined. Victoria, Queen's Market (Goodacre Butcher Shop) on east side of Government Street. BCA, call number F-00157 .

Undetermined (circa 1859). First Methodist Church, Victoria; corner of Pandora and Broad Streets; Dr. E. Evans, pastor. BCA, call number A-02810 .

Undetermined (circa 1859). George Hills, later to become Bishop Hills. .BCA, call number A-01366.

Undetermined (circa 1860). Bishop George Hills. BCA, call number G-03832: .

Undetermined (circa 1870). Group of Nanaimo coal miners at the pithead. BCA, call number B-03624: .

Undetermined (circa 1890). Looking west on Yates Street, between Government and Wharf Streets. BCA, call number A-01590: .

Undetermined (circa 1900). Native women standing in front of the Halfway Restaurant at Klukwan, Alaska. BCA, call number I-55361.

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