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Dance Halls of Early Victoria,
Local Halls

Background info:

  • Seasonal, established in the fall. 
  • Established to provide entertainment for the miners during the winter when weather conditions made it too dangerous to search for gold.  To find out who was involved in these establishments, see Stakeholders

Locations by year:

  • 1860-Humboldt Street.  This hall, owned by a man named Marten, was likely the same dance hall the Colonist indicated was next to the Belmont Hotel and torn down in May 1885.*
  • 1861-Fort Street. Halls were in the former “market building” and at least two other places.
  • 1862-Humboldt Street.  Same as 1860.
  • 1863-Corner of Johnson and Government Streets; on flats between Fisgard Street and Gas Works near Esquimalt Road.
  • 1864-Johnson Street between Broad and Government.  Taken to court on noise complaints by David Hart.
  • 1865-Cormorant Street. Buildings established here in January and October.



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