Dog-friendly Map by Olga Gould. 2019-2020. Map. 1900+ businesses, 250+ parks. Greater Victoria - Vancouver Lower Mainland, adjacent cities. Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com


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  • - Business policies might be changed due to COViD-19
    - Don´t leave your dog in your car.
    - Support pet-friendly business and share this map with newcomers that own dogs.
  • Icons:
    Brown dog: Dogs on-leash are allowed indoors.
    Green dog: Dogs allowed only on restricted areas such as patios.
    Blue dog: Dogs allowed as guest in hotels.

    Flags mean public areas. Source: Government entities.
    ----Green flag or green area: Leash-Optional
    ----Yellow flag or yellow area: On-Leash or Seasonal (Restrictions apply)
    ----Red flag or red area: Dogs are not allowed at any time.
    1. Before you enter a store with your dog confirm that it allows pets, especially if your dog is a large breed.
    2. Proceed with caution when you bring your friendly dog indoors (always on a leash).
    3. Watch for other pets, especially working/service dogs and persons that are not comfortable when animals approach them.
    4. Some companies in the US allow dogs indoors, it does not mean that the franchise in Canada does it. Also, there are stores in Vancouver that do not allow dogs in their stores in Victoria.
    5. Clean up after your dog.
    SHORELINE. "Many seabirds can only feed at low tide, so when your dog is on the beach, they go hungry for 12 hours. The tiny ones' survival in migration can be a matter of grams of food. Avoid low tide or avoid visits during migration times". Note by Jessica Van der Veen
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  • Sources for the flags and areas. Government entities:
    gov.bc.ca, esquimalt.ca, crd.bc.ca, vacs.ca, oakbay.ca, victoria.ca, ladysmith.ca, Seattle.gov, colwood.ca, cob.org
  • Other sources:
    Google reviews, websites indicate the business is dog-friendly, the information provided by the Owners, dog-friendly government entities, pet stores dataset, Glassdoor, Indeed, Foursquare, Tripadvisor, yelp.com.
    Facebook Developers datasets.
    Twitter users
    Suggestions on Facebook groups such as Oak Bay Local and WTHJH
    Information provided by business owners



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