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Belle Adams Case

The following pages outline the trial of Belle Adams, a prostitute in Victoria during 1898. Belle Adams was accused of murdering her lover in a fit of jealousy. As you read the facts behind the case, as reported in the Daily Colonist, there are a few things to watch for. She abandoned her home in Nelson, BC to head to Victoria with her lover, Charles Kincaid. Adams is first portrayed as a jealous woman, who in a fit of rage over her lover leaving her for another prostitute, attacks him nearly severing his head. Then as the trial progresses Adams is shown as a young thankful woman for her abusive lover leaving her, and who only killed him in-order to protect herself from another one of his many attacks.

The Adams case is yet another example of how public opinion of prostitutes can be swayed. Gradually the truths about her life with Kincaid and her life in Victoria are drawn out for the public to judge.

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