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As covered in the Victoria Daily Colonist 1898

4 June 1898,
"I was mad to do it, I must have been, but oh, I love you so!" yelled the murderer.

The article regarding the Kincaid murder case was issued on 4 June 1898 in the Daily Colonist. The author begins his article by noting how two murders by women took place in such a short period of time. The first murder was committed by Martha Wolfe, and the other by Belle Adams some days later. Belle Adams killed Charles Kincaid on 3 June 1898. The Daily Colonist describes her actions as "unbridled passion and mad jealousy." Kincaid was murdered on the first floor of the Empire Hotel on Johnson Street. Adams, a sex trade worker, was jealous because Kincaid, her boyfriend, had just announced that he was planning to leave her and head to Vancouver with another woman. The newspaper also suggested that Adams was "frenzied by the fear that she unrestrained an unnatural affection for a man not of her own ethnicity was no longer returned."

Adams severed Kincaid's head with a razor, which was the direct cause of his death. Immediately afterwards, he staggered down the stairs onto Johnson Street where he collapsed. Reportedly Adams followed him onto the street where she collapsed on him and "madly" embraced him while she pleaded for his forgiveness. After a few moments Constable Anderson arrived on the scene and hauled Adams away for the life that she was suspected of taking.