1885 Map showing Police Station in Bastion Square, UBC Specal collections G 3514-V5G475 1885 s2.  For a larger version, go to the Maps section. James Bay, 1859: BCA H-01492

This website was researched, written, and designed by Vanessa Boudreau, Mark Devoe, Mike St. Claire, and Martin Emslie in the Winter/Spring of 2006. It was created as part of the History 481: Microhistory and the Internet class at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada taught by Professor Dr. John Lutz. Our aim was to provide a microhistorical analysis of a theme in the city of Victoria's history and deliver it in the format of a web page.

Vanessa Boudreau

Mark Devoe is a 4th year History Major.

Mike St. Claire is a 4th year History Major.

Martin Emslie is a 4th year Geography Major.