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the UVic sociolinguistics research lab: SLRL



Established January 2010.


Director: Dr. Alexandra D’Arcy


The SocioLinguistics Research Lab (SLRL) is located in Clearihue D345. It currently hosts 5 iMac workstations. It also has free workspace for students with portable laptops and a sound booth for interviews and participant interactions.




The SLRL was home to iSLR Field Recorder™, a custom iPod/iPad App for sociolinguistic fieldwork. iSLR featured automatic randomization of word lists, font size adjustment, interval adjustment, and remote upload of sound and .txt file copies of presented lists. This app was available for free at the iTunes store for 2013–2015 and was downloaded roughly 8000 times. We hope that those of you who used it found it helpful.





The SLRL currently houses the following corpora, all of which are available for use by students and faculty in the Department:


Private corpora constructed by SLRL members (for more information on these, contact us):