Graduate Students

I do not currently have any graduate student positions available.

Graduate student projects cover many areas in surface science, electrochemistry, and fuel cell chemistry and the projects can be tailored to the individual's interests and abilities. Students in my group have the opportunity to develop skills in wet chemistry, electrochemical methods, instrumentation, electronics, microfluidics and computing, depending on their interests. Electrochemistry continues to be a subject with a wealth of practical applications, and so job prospects are relatively good. Students graduate from my group with a wide skills base which can also make them employable outside the immediate area of electrochemistry.

Some tips to help you when emailing me about joining the group. Please give a cover letter in the body of an email, and do not just send an attachment. To avoid viruses, I do not open Word documents, so please send .pdf attachments. It will help if your email is specifically to me and indicates that you have visited my website or know something about my work.

See Chemistry's website for details about eligibility and how to apply.

Postdoctoral researchers

I only rarely have positions for postdoctoral fellows. Unless you see a specific advertisement for a postdoctoral position in my group or you have a scholarship that covers your salary, you may not get a reply to your email.