Aug. 2020. First atomic explanation of Pt dissolution! Now published in Nature Catalysis. Our surface X-ray diffraction experiments with Jakub Drnec at ESRF and Olaf Magnussen's group at Kiel University, combined with dissolution experiments from Serhiy Cherevko's group at Forschungszentrum Jülich, and DFT calculations by Federico Calle-Vallejo at Univerity of Barcelona show that there is a surprising difference in the way that Pt atoms initiate the oxide formation on Pt(111) vs Pt(100), and that this explains the different reactivity toward dissolution on these surfaces. Press releases here and here.

Aug. 2020. Congratulations to Tianyu for completing his Ph.D. dissertation!

Aug. 2020. Congratulations to Victor and Natalie for completing their MSc. theses!

May 2020. New MSc student Chentian Yuan joins the group, working remotely from China for now. Welcome, Chentian.

Mar. 2020. Tianyu is awarded a Student Travel Grant from the Physical and Analytical Division of the ECS to attend the ECS conference in Montreal, but the conference is cancelled.

Feb. 2020. The Ni Electro Can Project has now finished, and is featured news on NSERC's website.

Dec. 2019. Tianyu, Tory, Victor and David attend the " Ni Electro Can" wrap-up meeting in Kingston, ON. Victor gets 1st prize in the poster competition - congratulations Victor! They also attend the ECS Canadian Section 2019 Fall Symposium, also in Kingston.

Jun. 2019. Tianyu and Tory attend the Canopener 2019 workshop in Trondheim and they and David attend the ICE 2019 conference in Loen, Norway.

Jun. 2019. David and ex-group member Thomas attend the EIS 2019 conference in France, where Thomas gives a keynote talk.

Apr. 2019. Congratulations to Mohammad for completing his MSc. thesis!

Apr. 2019. David spends 3 months of his study leave in Norway at NTNU.

Jan. 2019. Victor starts a coop work term with Nano One in Vancouver.

Nov. 2018. David spends 4 months of his study leave in New Zealand with Aaron Marshall's group at the University of Canterbury.

Sep. 2018. Tianyu starts a coop work term with NRC in Vancouver.

May 2018. Canopener 2018 Conference is held in Victoria. The group goes to Seattle for the ECS meeting.

Feb. 2018. Tory starts a 3-month internship at NTNU.

Dec. 2017. David travels to Trondheim for Espen's (successful) thesis defense. Congratulations, Espen!

Oct. 2017. David joins the MEET CREATE program, and Tianyu, Victor, Tory and Natalie become MEET CREATE students.

Sep. 2017. Victor Aiyejuro joins the group, working on the Ni Electro Can project. Welcome Victor.

Jul. 2017. Natalie Stubb starts as a graduate student with a session at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Welcome Natalie.

Jun. 2017. The group goes to Norway for the "Canopener 2017" symposium and workshop on EIS.

Nov. 2016. The Norwegian Research Council announces funding for the INTPART proposal Canada-Norway Partnership in Electrochemical Energy Technologies ("Canopener") led by Frode Seland, which enables travel between Canadian and Norwegian partners, and provides funds for workshops and international symposia.

Sep. 2016. New graduate students Tory Borsboom, Tianyu Li, Han Bao and Mohammad Alikarami, and coop student Alberto Escobar join the group.

Sep. 2016. Geer Qile passes her thesis defense. Congratulations!

Jul. 2016. Congratulations to Thomas Holm for a travel award to attend the PRiME meeting in Hawaii.

Jul. 2016. Congratulations to Thomas Holm on successfully defending his Ph.D.. Thomas will stay on in the group as a postdoc.

Jun. 2016. Thomas and David attend the EIS 2016 meeting in Spain and give one poster and one talk each.

May. 2016. Geer and David attend the ECS meeting in San Diego.

Jan. 2016. The Minister of Science announces $4M funding for the "Ni Electro Can" Discovery Frontiers project (pictures here). The website for this project is here. We are one of 14 Canadian groups involved in this project, and will be looking particularly at oxidation of glycerol from biodiesel for conversion to value-added products.

Sep. 2015. Aaron Marshall arrives for a three-month visit as part of his sabbatical from the University of Canterbury.

Jun. 2015. Thomas returns for another visit to Victoria.

Feb. 2015. Espen Fanavoll arrives to spend 6 months working on the microfluidic cells he made at NTNU.

Sep. 2014. Geer Qile starts her M.Sc.

Aug. 2014. Frode Seland arrives to spend his sabbatical with the group.

Jul. 2014. Mats hands in his thesis and gets a real job.

Jan. 2014. Thomas Holm and Mats Ingdal join the lab as visiting students from NTNU, Norway.

Dec. 2013. Jonathan successfully defends his M.Sc.

Jun. 2013. David presents a keynote talk on dynamic impedance at the EIS 2013 meeting in Okinawa.

May 2013. Jonathan and David attend the ECS meeting in Toronto. Jonathan is awarded a Student Travel Grant from the Physical and Analytical Division of the ECS.

Jan. 2013. Mark Pritzker arrives to spend some of his sabbatical with the group.

Nov. 2012. Per Kristian successfully defends his Ph.D.

Nov. 2012. Jonathan is awarded the Howard E. Petch Research Scholarship.

Aug. 2012. Dan and Julia successfully defend their M.Sc. theses.

Apr. 2012. Rob successfully defends his Ph.D.

Mar. 2012. Congratulations to Jonathan on the award of an NSERC scholarship.

Dec. 2011. David hosts seven group members and visitors at the Christmas banquet this year.

Oct. 2011. Behzad Rezaei arrives to spend his sabbatical with the group.

Sep. 2011. Jonathan Strobl arrives to start work on his M.Sc.

July 2011. Cristiane Oliveira arrives from Brazil as a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow from Hamilton Varela's group. She is using dEIS to study glycerol oxidation at Pt.

May 2011. Rob attends the Surface Canada meeting at Simon Fraser University and gives a talk on "Electrooxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Palladium".

May 2011. David and Rob attend the ECS meeting in Montreal and present three papers. Rob is awarded a Student Travel Award from the Physical and Analytical Division.

July 2011. Jakub successfully defends his Ph.D. dissertation!

June 2010. David gives a keynote talk at the EIS 2010 conference in Portugal.

April 2010. The group attends the Spring Symposium of the Canadian Section of the ECS at Simon Fraser University. Gabi has her camera and Rob again gets his picture in the ECS Interface magazine.

April 2010. The group attends the ECS meeting in Vancouver and presents eight papers. Per Kristian has the biggest poster. Rob wins the prize for the best student poster and is featured in the ECS Interface magazine. Well done, Rob!

August 2009. Per Kristian arrives to spend a year in Victoria.