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credit: Eric Kershaw

Chemistry 454-538 - Supramolecular Chemistry

Prof. Fraser Hof
Email: fhof@uvic.ca
Office: Elliott 233c
Phone: 7193

January - April 2006
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Syllabus (as a pdf file)
538 Final paper topics and information
Handout Ions, Dipoles, Dielectric constants, van der Waals' radii

Section 1   Introduction, Terminology, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Review
Section 2a Ions, Dipoles, Induced Dipoles, and Hydrogen Bonds
Section 2b Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions, Cation-pi Interactions,
The Hydrophobic Effect
Section 2c Metal-Ligand Interaction in Supramolecualr Chemistry

Assignment 1 (Covering Sections 1 and 2)
Assignment 1 (Answers)

Section 3a Receptors that use ion-dipole interactions
Section 3b Receptors that use hydrogen bonds
Section 3c Receptors that use
cation-pi interactions
Section 3d Receptors that use
aromatic interactions and the hydrophobic effect

Assignment 2 (Covering Section 3)
Assignment 2 (Answers)

Section 4a Determination of Keq (direct, titration, competition)
Section 4b Determination of thermodynamic parameters (NMR, ITC)
Section 4c Structure determination (Job plot, Mass Spec, DOSY, diffraction, NOE)
Section 4d Kinetics (slow, medium, and fast)

Assignment 3 (Covering Section 4)
Assignment 3 (Answers)

Section 5a Supramolecular Sensors
Section 5b Self-Assembly
Section 5c Supramolecular Encapsulation
Section 5d Foldamers
Section 5e Supramolecular chemistry with covalent bonds: mechanical and reversible covalent bonding
Section 5f
Ion Transport

Assignment 4
Assignment 4 (Answers)