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Imperial Paradise?
An Alternative Walking Tour of Victoria, BC

What is the History of Racialization Group?

The History of Racialization Group (HORG) is an interdisciplinary reading group formed by graduate students and junior faculty at the University of Victoria's Department of History in 1995. It meets on a regular basis to discuss readings on the historical constructions of "race", racialization, and racism. In addition to serving as a discussion group HORG also organizes speakers on racialization-related topics and develops public history projects. In 1998 HORG convened, "Making History, Constructing Race" an international and interdisciplinary conference on race, racism and racialization at the University of Victoria.

Past and present members include:

Pasi Ahonen
Koni Benson
Eva Campbell
Karen Duder
Jennifer Fraser
Joel Freedman
Meharoona Ghani
Mrinalini Greedharry
Masumi Izumi

Kate Jennings
Susan Johnston
Jo-Anne Lee
John Lutz
Jason Miller
Jamie Murton
Christie Shaw
Keith Smith
Carol Williams

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