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Kinsol trestle 2020 - LR. A lot of work went
                      into building this bridge.
Rosenberg group code of conduct

We have worked together as a group to create this code. It is a living document, last updated May 11, 2022.

We are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible research group environment. We recognize that different viewpoints and experiences allow a diversity of opinion, ideas, and debate.

We expect all group members to:

Work to ensure all group members are heard and supported in group discussions

Be patient and respectful of the fact that English may be a second language for some group members

Be mindful of personal boundaries (physical, emotional, psychological...) in all group settings

Respect the privacy and safety of others with respect to posting lab accomplishments and/or activities on social media

Avoid personal or group criticism of other group members or colleagues

Take action if you see something inappropriate happen. If you are not comfortable intervening, feel free to ask a Chem EDI representative for support.

Be proactive and helpful if you notice a group member is struggling in any way

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