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Rosenberg group
                      May 2022
Vanessa, Chaharzade, Lisa, Alexis, Jin, Nick

  • Current

  • Jin Yang (Ph.D. candidate): Developing cobalt half-sandwich catalysts for hydrophosphination.

    Vanessa Muir (M.Sc. candidate): Exploiting molybdenum phosphenium complexes in hydrophosphination.

    Nick Dyck (M.Sc. candidate): New molybdenum complexes for catalytic Si-H and P-H activation.

    Alexis Kellinghusen (4th Year Project Student/JCURA Scholar and Research Assistant/NSERC USRA): Exploring hydrophosphination catalyzed by Cp* ruthenium complexes.

    Chaharzade Youssouf (Visiting M.Sc. Student): Synthesis of secondary phosphonium salts.

  • Former

  • Godfrey Wills (2nd Year Project Student): Synthesis of molybdenum secondary phosphine complexes.

    Cailean Switzer (2nd Year Project Student): Synthesis of molybdenum phosphenium complexes. Diploma candidate, Resource Management Officer Technology program, Vancouver Island University.

    Hayley Parkin (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA and 4th Year Project Student/JCURA Scholar, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2020): (a) Synthesis and reactivity of Cp* ruthenium complexes of secondary phosphines and (b) Synthesis and characterization of novel phosphenium complexes. Ph.D. candidate, University of Victoria (Manners group).

    Erin Moloney (3rd Year Project Student): Synthesis of cobalt half-sandwich complexes. B.Sc. (Hons). candidate, University of Victoria.

    Roman Belli (Ph.D. 2019): The role of the M-PR2 Fragment in hydrophosphination: from mechanism to catalysis. Postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota (Roberts group).

    Julien Appleby-Millette (2nd Year Project Student): Synthesis of cobalt complexes of secondary phosphines. B.Sc. candidate, University of Victoria.

    Carly Slusar (3rd Year Project Student, B.Sc. 2018): Synthesis of molybdenum complexes of secondary phosphines. Hazardous waste shipper/receiver & field technician, Envirosystems, Victoria.

    Cameron Zheng (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2018): Synthesis of cobalt complexes of primary phosphines. Ph.D. candidate, UBC (Schafer group).

    Erick Nuñez Bahena (MITACS Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.Sc. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2018): Synthesis of intermediates in ruthenium-catalyzed hydrophosphination. Ph.D. candidate, UBC (Schafer group).

    Elena Liles (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2018): Synthesis of cationic cobalt complexes of secondary phosphines; (3rd Year Project Student): Synthesis of ruthenium primary phosphine complexes. Ph.D. candidate, UBC (Hein group).

    Alberto Escobar Mingo (2nd Year Project Student, B. Eng. 2021): Synthesis of neutral and cationic half-sandwich ruthenium complexes. Systems engineer, Kardium, Burnaby, BC.

    Julia Rimmer (2nd Year Project Student): Synthesis of ruthenium secondary phosphine complexes. NAV Canada air traffic controller, Terrace, BC.

    James Hui (2nd Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2019): Synthesis of Cp* ruthenium mixed phosphine complexes. M.Sc. candidate, UBC (Experimental Medicine).

    Peter Lee (Ph.D. 2015): Selective functionalization of oligosilanes, polysilanes, and Si-H terminated silicon surfaces.

    Tory Borsboom-Hanson (3rd Year Project Student, B.Sc. 2016): Synthesis and protonolysis of phosphametallacyclobutanes. Ph.D. 2020, University of Victoria (Harrington group), Data scientist, Fractal Analytics, Seattle WA.

    Stephanie Rufh (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2015): Synthesis of halide-free ruthenium complexes for catalytic hydrophosphination. M.Sc. University of Ottawa (Fogg group), Chemistry & math specialist, Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON.

    Mark Fairchild (M.Sc. candidate): Mn-templated photolytic [4+5] cycloaddition chemistry.

    Chris (Bochao) Huang (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2014): Synthesis and deprotonation of cationic secondary phosphine complexes of ruthenium. Chemistry analyst, Health Canada, Scarborough, ON.

    Audrey Cassen (Exchange Graduate Student): Synthesis of Ru-coordinated borylphosphine ligands. Ph.D. 2014, Ingénieur de Recherche, Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-Industrielle, Pau, France.

    Jon Clarke (Undergraduate Research Assistant): Polyphenylsilane as a sol-gel precursor to inorganic materials. M.A.Sc. candidate, University of Waterloo.

    Roman Belli (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): Ring-opening reactions of ruthenaphosphacyclobutanes and -butenes. B.Sc.(Hons.) University of Toronto 2014. See above.

    Krista (Morrow) Burton (M.Sc. 2012): Mechanistic studies of [2+2] cycloadditions at a Ru-P double bond. Resident (family medicine), UBC.

    Bryony McAllister (2nd Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2015): Borane mediated reactions of 1,2-dihydridodisilanes. Ph.D. candidate, University of Toronto (Seferos group).

    Michael Jarosz (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA, B.Sc. 2014): phosphine complexes of rhodium and ruthenium. Commissioned Officer, Royal Canadian Navy and Firefighter, BC Wildfire Service.

    Sophie Langis-Barsetti (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): secondary phosphine complexes of the ruthenium pentamethylcyclopentadiene fragment. Ph.D. candidate, Université de Montréal (Wuest group).

    Marc-André Hoyle (Undergraduate Research Assistant/4
    th Year Project Student): Trapping reactive diarylphosphido complexes. 2nd degree B.Sc. candidate, SFU, Burnaby.

    Miranda Skjel (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA and 4th Year Project Student/University Research Scholar): Borane-mediated (a) diastereoselective  hydrosilation of  alpha-diketones and (b) post-polymerization modification of poly(phenylsilane). Occupational therapist, Centre for Autism Services Alberta.

    Eric Derrah (Graduate Student, Ph. D. 2009): P-H activation by ruthenium complexes. Chief Science Officer, Dycar Pharmaceuticals, Cranbrook.

    Greg Gibson (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2009): Synthesis of diastereomeric Ru phosphine and phosphido complexes. Regular faculty, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC.

    Hannah Burton (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2009): Benzonitrile adducts of Ru phosphido complexes.  Resident (psychiatry), UBC, Vancouver.

    Greg Zilinskas (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): Synthesis of naphthol-substituted oligosilanes. Project manager, Centre for Health Innovation, Toronto, ON.

    Nelly von Aderkas (Undergraduate Research Assistant): Characterization of oligosilane materials. B.Sc. 2008 McGill University. Specialist scientist for paintings examination, The National Gallery, London, UK.

    Ryan Abel (Undergraduate Research Volunteer, B.Sc. 2009): Ru complexes of secondary phosphines. Environmental Lead, In-Situ & Forestry, Fort McKay First Nation.

    Andrea Kirby (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): Borane-catalyzed hydrosilylation of 1,2-diketones by silanes. Associate Scientist, Gilead Sciences, Edmonton.

    Erica Medlar (née Jones) (Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.Sc. 2008): Ru complexes of secondary phosphines and phosphides. Feasibility Specialist, PRA Health Sciences, Victoria.

    Sarah Jackson (Graduate Student, M.Sc. 2007): Rh catalysts for silane dehydrocoupling. Technician, Mining Engineering Department, UBC, Vancouver.

    Karina Giesbrecht (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2007): Ru complexes of secondary phosphines, phosphides & nitriles. Ph.D, candidate, University of Victoria (Institute for Ocean Sciences).

    Adrian Houghton (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2007): Borane-catalyzed hydrosilylation of 1,2-diketones by disilanes. Ph. D. 2014, University of Calgary. Postdoctoral researcher, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA.

    Danielle Kobus (Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.Sc. 2004): catalytic oligosilane synthesis, 1,2-disilacycle synthesis.

    Dawn Friesen (Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2005): templates for the synthesis of phosphorus-containing macrocycles. Research chemist - oilfield chemicals, Stepan Company, Houston.

    Shaun Hall (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): ruthenium complexes of secondary phosphines. Ph.D. 2010, University of Victoria. Research associate, NRC, Ottawa.

    Dan Harrison (Graduate Student, M. Sc. 2005):  polysilane synthesis and modification. Research scientist, Digital Specialty Chemicals, Scarborough, ON.

    Cat Hughes (Graduate Student, M.Sc. 2005): catalytic poly- and oligosilane synthesis. Innovation & technical services manager, ALS Minerals, North Vancouver.

    Kari Frantzen (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2005): templates for the synthesis of phosphorus-containing macrocycles. Quality assurance manager, functional imaging, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver.

    Sébastien Monfette (Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSERC USRA/ICE scholar): catalyst synthesis and catalytic oligosilane synthesis. Research Scientist, Pfizer, NJ.

    Anika Louie (Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.Sc. 2004): 1,2-disilacycle synthesis. Ph.D. McMaster University.

    Dave Edwards (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2003): 1,2-disilacycle synthesis and computational studies. Technical officer, polymers, NRC-IFCI, Vancouver, BC.

    Jazmin Marlinga (4th Year Project Student/NSERC USRA, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2003): ruthenium complexes of secondary phosphines. Health care provider, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB.

    Owen Bowles (Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.Sc. 2003): template precursors for the synthesis of phosphorus-containing macrocycles. Senior clinical research associate, Clovis Oncology, San Francisco, CA.

    Dr. Junzhi Yao (Postdoctoral Fellow): functionalized silane dimers, models for disilacyclopolymers. Research scientist, Medicure, Winnipeg.

    Colin Davis (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.)): catalytic dehydrogenative dimerization of silanes. MI Swaco, Calgary.

    Debbie Mitra (4th Year Project Student, B.Sc. (Hons.) 2000): P-H activation by ruthenium complexes.Assistant professor of research, Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles, CA.

    Timothy Hooper (Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant, B.Sc. 2000):  P-H activation by ruthenium complexes.  M.Sc. 2003, University of Manitoba.

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