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Working in the Rosenberg group at UVic
Students in the group work on developing and understanding new catalytic methods for the synthesis of main group-containing molecules. We use standard inorganic and organic synthetic procedures that include the manipulation of air-sensitive materials using glovebox and Schlenk techniques. We use lots of multinuclear NMR and other spectroscopic techniques to characterize our molecules and to carry out kinetic and other mechanistic studies.

Graduate students:
If you are interested in joining the group as a graduate student, please feel free to contact Lisa Rosenberg or Erin Hodgson (UVic Chemistry Graduate Secretary) to find out about available positions and projects, or to ask questions about the graduate program at UVic.

Undergraduate students:
We usually have positions for 1-2 undergraduate students in the group, either through Research Experience courses (298, 298, 398, or 399), Thesis, (499), or NSERC- or UVic SURA-funded summer RA positions. In addition to carrying out lab work, undergrads in our group also participate in our weekly group meetings and literature discussions. If you're interested in joining the group as an undergraduate researcher, p
lease contact Lisa Rosenberg to find out about available positions and projects.

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