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Recent publications from the Rosenberg group

"Borane-Catalysed Postpolymerisation Modification of the Si-H Bonds in Poly(phenylsilane)" P. T. K. Lee, L. Rosenberg, Dalton. Trans. 2017, 8818-8826. (Invited contribution to themed issue "Silicon Chemistry: Discoveries and Advances".)

                            Editors' Choice!"Alkene Insertions into a Ru-PR2 Bond" K. M. E. Burton, D. A. Pantazis, R. G. Belli, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Organometallics 2016, 35, 3970-3980. ACS Editors' Choice! (open access)

"Scope and Selectivity of B(C6F5)3-Catalyzed Reactions of the Disilane (Ph2SiH)2" P. T. K. Lee, L. Rosenberg, J. Organomet. Chem. 2016, 809, 86-93.

"Inner- and Outer-Sphere Roles of Ruthenium Phosphido Complexes in the Hydrophosphination of Alkenes" R. G. Belli, K. M. E. Burton, S. A. Rufh, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Organometallics 2015, 34, 5637-5646.

"Mechanisms of Metal-Catalyzed Hydrophosphination of Alkenes and Alkynes" L. Rosenberg, ACS Catalysis 2013, 3, 2845-2855.

"Borane-Catalyzed Si-H Activation Routes to Polysilanes Containing Thiolato Side-Chains" P. T. K. Lee, M. K. Skjel, L. Rosenberg, Organometallics 2013, 32, 1575-1578.

"Metal Complexes of Planar PR2 Ligands: Examining the Carbene Analogy" L. Rosenberg, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2012, 256, 606-626. (Invited contribution to biennial issue "Recent Developments in Organometallic Chemistry".)

"Benzonitrile Adducts of Terminal Diarylphosphido Complexes: Preparative Sources of "Ru=PR2"" M.-A. M. Hoyle, D. A. Pantazis, H. M. Burton, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Organometallics 2011, 30, 6458-6465.

"Diastereoselective Synthesis of a “Chiral-at-Ru” Secondary Phosphine Complex" G. L. Gibson, K. M. E. Morrow, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2011, 369, 133-139. (Invited contribution in honour of R. G. Bergman.)

"Using NMR and ESI-MS to Probe the Mechanism of Silane Dehydrocoupling Catalyzed by Wilkinson’s Catalyst" S. M. Jackson, D. M. Chisholm, J. S. McIndoe, L. Rosenberg, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 327-330.

"[2+2] Cycloaddition Reactions of Alkynes at a Ru-P π-Bond" E. J. Derrah, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 4592-4594.

"Concerted  [2+2] Cycloaddition of Alkenes at a Ruthenium-Phosphorus Double Bond" E. J. Derrah, D. A. Pantazis, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2010, 49, 3367-3370.

"Silane-Controlled Diastereoselectivity in the Tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane-Catalyzed Reduction of α-Diketones to Silyl-Protected 1,2-Diols" M. K. Skjel, A. Y. Houghton, A. E. Kirby, D. J. Harrison, R. McDonald, L. Rosenberg, Org. Lett. 2010, 12, 376.

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