Spring 2012 No. 178

Publication Date: April 20, 2012

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2012 Open Season Awards

  • Patricia Young, "Daughter at Thirteen"
  • Susan Gillis, "View with Teenage Girl" and View with Portrait of Frida Kahlo"
  • Rachel Rose, "Maternal Sapphics," "Uncut Wood," and "Aubade: Grendel's Mother"
  • Russell Thornton, "Blade"
  • Jean-Mark Sens, "Corkscrew"
  • Tammy Armstrong, “Forked”
  • Jordan Mounteer, "Liminal"
  • Daryl Hine, "A Reliquary"
  • David Reibetanz, "Haida box filled with sand"
  • Kerry-Lee Powell, "Seals"
  • Kate Edwards, “Mischief in Remarriage,” "Prayer for a Prairie Town," and "Simplicity Ball Gown Pattern, 1954"
  • Carla Hartsfield, "Afterlight"
  • Matthew Tierney, "Re the Individual Wellbeing"*
  • *Winner of our 2013 P. K. Page Founders' Award for Poetry! (and a part of the book, Probably Inevitable, which won the 2013 Trillium Book Award for Poetry). Read "Re the Individual Wellbeing" here and an interview with Matthew Tierney here.
  • Jill McDonough, "Transplant" and "In Which I Start to Get a Migraine and Think of Hildegard Von Bingen"
  • Marilyn Gear Pilling, "That Father" and "Discovering the Soul of Walmart in Quintana Roo"
  • Medrie Purdham, "Elisabeth"
  • Karen Enns, "Getting the Chimney Repaired" and "Talking to the Artist At The Show"
  • Anne Pierson Wiese, "Goddamn Man"
  • Ted Gilley, “Late Show"
  • Maurice Mierau, "Her Name" and "The Eloquent Fans, The Painful Moon"
  • Darren Bifford, "O Lord of Secret & Subtle Shifts"
  • Steven Heighton, “OutTrip”
  • Mark Rogers, “Straw”
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