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Publishing Tips Corner (closed to submissions)

From 2015 to 2018, The Malahat Review posted “Publishing Tips” as a bimonthly guest column on its Publishing Tipswebsite and in Malahat lite. The tips helped writers learn how to improve their professional skills, from the writing of cover letters, to what house style means, to choosing a rhyming dictionary, to having an author photo (as opposed to a selfie).

Danielle Mitchell

August 2018 Tip on How to Get Paid for Your Writing

by Danielle Mitchell

"Seven Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing (Besides Submitting to Literary Journals and Contests)" will help you find ways to get paid for writing what you know.

Caroline Misner

June 2018 Tip on Accepting Rejections

by Caroline Misner

"Accepting Rejections" will help you move past the initial disappointment and frustration of receiving yet another rejection letter.

Evelyn Deshane

April 2018 Tip on Writing Canadian Speculative Fiction by Evelyn Deshane

"Writing Canadian Speculative Fiction" has five tips for getting into the Canadian speculative fiction scene and helping you find your community within the writing world.

Roy Miller

February 2018 Tip on Six Elements for a Proposal

by Roy Miller

"Proposals: Pitch with Purpose" will prepare you for that final step in the process of getting published.

Erika Dreifus

December 2017 Tip on What to Look for in Newsletters

by Erika Dreifus

"What to Look for in Newsletters and Resource Lists" outlines four features to help you decide whether to hit "subscribe" or not.

Robin Richardson

October 2017 Tip on Bio Writing and Letters to Editors

by Robin Richardson

"The Benefits of Brevity, a Strong Bio, and Not Burning Bridges" will help you pare down your bio and submission letters to their essentials.

Alicia Elliott

August 2017 Tip on Building Your Own MFA

by Alicia Elliott

"How to Build Your Own MFA Program" provides a helpful outline for aspiring writers on how to increase publishing skills.

Doretta Lau

June 2017 Tip on Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts

by Doretta Lau

"Six Ways to Maximize Your Writing Efforts in Publishing" gives essential steps to mastering your profile as a writer.

Tara Wohlberg

April 2017 Tip on the Risks of Entrepreneurship

by Tara Wohlberg

In "How Not to Learn About Trolls" Tara discusses the difficulties of launching an online literary magazine in today's market.

Oscar Martens

December 2016 Tip on Publishers vs. Self Publishing

by Oscar Martens

"The Gatekeeper Function" weighs the pros and cons of sending your work to publishing houses versus taking the lone-wolf route of self publishing.

Phoebe Wang

October 2016 Tip on Pitching Work to Publishers

by Phoebe Wang

"Using Your Good Arm" highlights advantages for writers who submit their work to publishers, editors, and book review sections of journals.

Tricia Dower

August 2016 Tip on Working with an Editor

by Tricia Dower

"Working with an Editor" explains the careful tug-and-pull between writers and editors, and the harsh reality of cutting words you love.

Julie Paul

June 2016 Tip on Writing Retreats

by Julie Paul

"Finding Your Strength in Retreating" gives you all the necessary info on escaping to write, so you can pack just the essentials and go!

Kateri Lanthier

March 2016 Tip on Teaching Creative Writing

by Kateri Lanthier

"The Professor of Astonishment" lets writers in on the other side of the writerly coin: to be a writer is to be a reader.

rob mclennan

January 2016 Tip on Attending to the Writing Muscle

by rob mclennan

"Tips on Attention" serves up hearty advice for writers on sitting down to write and improving time-management regimes.

Kari Jones

November 2015 Tip on Finding the Right Publisher

by Kari Jones

"Finding the Right Publisher For You" offers tricks of the trade when selecting a publisher and sending out your manuscript.

September 2015 Tip on Critiquing Writers' Work

by Shane Neilson

"Reviewing as Spiritual Practice: The Way of the Tithe" explains why all writers should spend ten percent of their time critiquing.

Jessica Michalofsky

July 2015 Tip on Writing Book Reviews

by Jessica Michalofsky

"Seeds of Judgment: Why You Should Consider Writing Reviews of Books" shows how it isn't always about the money for writers.

Matt Thibeault

May 2015 Tip on Submission Fees

by Matthew Thibeault

"Submission Fees R Us: To Pay or Not to Submit?" Matthew Thibeault asks the hard questions as Canadian literary journals face tough times.