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Mass Spectrometry of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds: Tools - Techniques - Tips
William Henderson and J. Scott McIndoe
Part of "Inorganic Chemistry: A Textbook Series"
John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2005.

From the publisher: This is the first modern book to treat inorganic and organometallic mass spectrometry simultaneously. It is textbook and handbook in one; as a textbook it introduces the techniques and gives hints on how to apply the various techniques, as a handbook it lists all available ionization techniques for just about any given compound. The book also includes non-mathematical explanations of how modern MS instruments work. Mass Spectrometry of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds will inspire the synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemist with the confidence to apply some of the new techniques to their characterization problems.

A review:

  • "Overall, this book seems to be valuable addition to those already written covering mass spectrometry. Although this book has been specifically written for inorganic and organometallic chemistry, researchers working in other fields can also learn not only about the basic principles and techniques of mass-spectrometry but also can learn of its applications. All techniques have been explained in an easy to follow way providing many applied examples which can be helpful for analysing the mass-spectra of many unknown and difficult compounds."
    • Z. Khan, Reviews, 2008, 9, 32.

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Buy from Amazon.ca (.com, .co.uk)

BK1. Transition Metal Carbonyl Cluster Chemistry
Paul J. Dyson and J. Scott McIndoe
Part of a series of "Advanced Chemistry Texts"
Gordon & Breach Publishers (book now sold by CRC Press), 2000.

Suitable for advanced undergraduate courses or for graduates beginning work in this general field. The book has been reviewed four times:

  • "If I was planning to teach a course on carbonyl cluster chemistry this is the book that I would reach for first and I would have no difficulty recommending it to my students. It presents academics, postgraduates and undergraduates with a clear, concise, well written overview of the area."
  • "Any group leader or graduate student in this field should be familiar with the entire contents of the text. The book provides an excellent summary of what one ought to know as a practicing carbonyl chemist."
  • "... this book gives a good all-round coverage of TMCC chemistry, that will definitely be of use to those (such as I) teaching (or studying) advanced courses in cluster organometallic chemistry, as well as to postgraduates working in the area of cluster chemistry... I think this will be a popular book among students."
  • "... [the authors] have succeeded in writing a textbook on carbonyl cluster chemistry that is well suited to the needs of university chemistry teaching. I shall recommend it to my students."


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