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The Society for the Advancement of Young Scientists

SAYS is responsible for all aspects of running the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair in Victoria. One of the primary goals for SAYS is to promote science to students in the school system. The fair provides a way for students to come together and share their accomplishments with other students from other schools, and with the public.

President Randy Enkin renkin@nrcan.gc.ca
Past President Richard Calderwood rcalderwood@shaw.ca
Vice President Cheryl Nigh cnigh@sd61.bc.ca
Secretary Heather Stewart &
Eric Chisholm
Treasurer Gerry Poulton gpoulton@uvic.ca
UVic Liaison --
VIRSF Chair Rossi Marx rmmarx@uvic.ca
Trophies Reg Mitchell regmitch@uvic.ca
Webmaster Gordon Greeniaus lggree@shaw.ca
Members Dilumie Abeysirigunawardena, Walter Balfour, Ashley Bansgrove, Alexandre Brolo, Rick Calderwood, Julie Campbell, Sue de Gagne, Randy Enkin, John Garrett, Gordon Greeniaus, David Harrington, B Hawkins, Lauren Hudson, Sharlie Huffman Janice Keliher, Don Krawciw, Cuong Le, Jennifer Lee, Kari Marks, Rossi Marx, Ruchi McArthur, Scott McIndoe, Reg Mitchell, David Newell, Christine Nicholls, Julie Nielsen, Cheryl Nigh, Gerry Poulton, Doug Ransom, Vicki Roberts, Paul Stevenson, Heather Stewart, Lauren Telford, WendyTopic, Verena Tunnicliffe, Deanne Turnbull, Annie Vallance, Patrick von Aderkas, John Vucko, Nick Wemyss, Adrienne White

SAYS is a fully charitable society, and can issue tax receipts in exchange for donations. Running the fair and sending the winners to the Canada Wide Science Fair is a costly business, and any help is always welcome. If you wish to make a donation, please contact Gerry Poulton (gpoulton@uvic.ca) and he will be happy to respond. Donations can range from simply assisting with Science Fair financing to providing an award.

Volunteers are always very welcome to join, especially to help out with the running of the Science Fair. The dates of the fair are listed on the dates page. If you are interested in volunteering, or joining SAYS, or just want to find out what volunteers can do at the fair contact Rossi Marx, the Fair Chair, by email (rmmarx@uvic.ca) or by phone (250-721-7089).