About SMARTLab

At SMARTLab, our research spans the broad areas of clinical neuropsychology, cognitive-affective neuroscience, and neurorehabilitation. A defining feature of our work – and our team – is an interest in understanding the whole person, in context. In support of this, we use intensive multi-method and measurement designs, integrating self-report, behavioral, and direct neural/physiological methods.

We take a bench-to-bedside approach to our work: this means that while we investigate basic cognitive, affective, and neural mechanisms in both healthy and clinical populations, this is done in pursuit of knowledge that has direct application in the lives of real people in everyday contexts.


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Psychophysiology Workshop led by Drs. Sid Segalowitz and Jane Dwyan, August 2012

EEG Workshop with Drs. Segalowitz & Dwyan, Aug 2012