Hannah Schnicke

Hannah grew up in a small village close to Cologne, Germany and moved to Münster to complete her B.Sc. in Chemistry at the Westfälische-Wilhelms University (WWU). She completed her thesis in the Fernández group, which involved supramolecular polymerization of a BODIPY-containing Pt(II) complex. As part of her master studies at the WWU, she joined the Manners group in May 2021 working on the field of supramolecular polymerization of Pt(II) complexes. In July 2022, she completed her M.Sc. at the WWU, where she worked on aqueous supramolecular polymerization and coordination isomerism of a Pt(II) complex. In September 2022, she re-joined the Manners group at UVIC to start her Ph.D. focusing on the synthesis of polymer micelles with potential biomedical applications. In her free time, Hannah enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and adventuring in nature.