Former Group Members

Academia: Faculty Research and Teaching Positions

Prof. Thomas Baumgartner - University of Calgary, Canada
Prof. Saurabh Chitnis - Dalhousie University, Canada
Prof. Renhua Deng - Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Hongjing Dou - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Prof. Dan Foucher - Ryerson Polytechnic University, Canada
Dr. Yang Gao - Beihang University, China
Prof. Derek P. Gates - University of British Columbia, Canada
Prof. Joe Gilroy - Western University, Canada
Prof. Xiaoming He - Tongji University, China
Dr. Holger Helten - RWTH Aachen, Germany
Prof. Dave Herbert - University of Manitoba, Canada
Prof. Zac Hudson - University of Bristish Columbia, Canada
Prof. Frieder Jäkle - Rutger's University, USA
Prof. Xuhui Jin - Beijing Instuture of Technology, China
Prof. Titel Jurca - University of Central Florida, FL, USA
Prof. Xiaoyu Li - Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Dr. Prof. Mong Liang - National Chia-Yi University, Taiwan
Prof. Erin Leitao - University of Auckland, New Zealand
Prof. Kun Liu - Jilin University, China
Prof. Mark MacLachlan - University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Yukihito Matsuura - Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute, Japan
Prof. Andrew McWilliams - Ryerson Polytechnic University, Canada
Dr. Siti Fairus Mohd Yusoff - National University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Prof. Masato Nanjo - Tottori University, Japan
Prof. Ali Nazemi - Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada
Prof. Sanjib K Patra - Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, India
Dr. Nicole Power-Billard - Seneca College, Canada
Dr. Alejandro Presa Soto - University of Oviedo, Spain
Prof. Jieshu Qian - Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Feng Qiu - Shanghai Institute of Technology, China
Prof. Huibin Qiu - Shanghai Tech. University, China
Prof. Paul J. Ragogna - University of Western Ontario, Canada
Prof. David Rider - Chemistry / Engineering Technology, Western Washington University, USA
Prof. Eric Rivard - University of Alberta, Canada
Prof. Paul Rupar - University of Alabama, USA
Prof. Felix Schacher - Jena, Germany
Dr. André Schäfer - University of Saarland, Germany
Dr. Greg Smith - University of Cape Town, South Africa
Prof. Anne Staubitz - University of Kiel, Germany
Prof. Kyoung Taek Kim - Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Prof. Makoto Tanabe - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Prof. Ben-Zhong Tang - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
Dr. Siree Tangbunsuk - Kasetsart University, Thailand
Prof. Xiaosong Wang - Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Bin Wang - Lamar University, USA
Prof. Zhuo Wang - University of Windsor, Canada
Prof. Lipeng Wu - Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, China

Research, Industry and Government Labs

Dr. Rumman Ahmed - BASF
Dr. Andre Arsenault - Opalux Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Marius Arz - Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV
Dr. Alex Bartole-Scott - Laboratory Manager, Department of Chemistry, University of Saskatschewan, SK, Canada
Dr. Laura Beckett - PDRF with Prof. Lashanda Korley, University of Delaware, DE, USA
Dr. Vasilios Bellas - Provet S.A., Greece
Dr. Andrea Berenbaum - Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Vivienne Blackstone - EPSRC, Swindon, UK
Dr. Charlotte Boott - PDRF with Mark MacLachlan, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada Dr. Sara Bourke - Editor for Prof. Warren Piers, University of Calgary, AB, Canada
Dr. Lan Cao - E Ink, Cambridge, MA, USA
Dr. Laurent Chabanne - Zylo, Bristol, UK
Dr. Grace Chan - PDRF Prof. Robert Grubbs, California Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Tim Clark - PDRF Prof. Geoff Coates, Cornell University, USA
Dr. Scott Clendenning - Intel Corp., Portland, OR, USA
Dr. Paul Cyr - Technology Transfer Officer, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
Dr. Theresa Dellermann - Laborleiterin, Germany
Dr. Hendrik "Jimi" Dorn - Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Max Erhard - Freudenberg, Germany
Dr. Mark Edwards - Teck Cominco Ltd., BC, Canada
Dr. Jean-Charles Eloi - University of Bristol, UK
Dr. Chris Evans - Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Canada
Dr. John Finnegan - PDRF with Prof. Tom Davis, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Sebastian Fournier-Bidoz - Head of R&D and Chief Technical Officer, Fio Corporation
Dr. Lars Friebe - European Patent Office
Dr. Torben Gaedt - BASF, Germany
Dr. Paloma Gómez-Elipe - Research Scientist, Spain
Dr. Madlen Ginzburg - Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Oliver Gould - Institute of Biomaterial Science, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Jessica Gwyther - Wood PLC., Bristol, UK
Dr. Rebecca Hailes - PDRF with Prof. Andreas Dahlin, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Dr. Yunxiang He - PDRF with Prof. Huibin Qiu, Shanghai Tech. University, China
Dr. Charles H. Honeyman - E*Ink Corp.
Dr. Ming-Siao Hsiao - UES, Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Pattern AFB, OH, USA
Dr. Keith Huynh - PDRF Prof. Don Tilley, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA
Dr. Cecilia Ieong - PDRF Rachel O'Reilly Group, Warwick, UK
Dr. Charlie Jarrett-Wilkins - PDRF with Prof. Dwight S. Seferos, University of Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Cory Jaska - PDRF with Prof. Warren Piers, University of Calgary, AB, Canada
Dr. Kevin Kulbaba - Bayer, Sarnia, Canada
Dr. Kajin Lee - PDF BASF Catalysis Research Laboratory, Organisch-Chemisches Institut Universität Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Xiao-Hua Liu - Computer Scientist, Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Jason Massey - OR-TEC Inc., Mississauga, ON,Canada
Dr. Georgeta Masson - Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Berkeley, CA, USA
Dr. Ulrich Mayer - PDRF Duncan Wass Group - Chemistry, Bristol
Dr. Nina McGrath - Euro Chlor, Belgium
Dr. Rebecca Musgrave - PDRF with Prof. Theodore Betley, Harvard University, MA, USA
Dr. James Nelson - 3M Inc. - St. Paul, MN, USA
Dr. Paul Nguyen - Bayer, Sarnia, Canada
Dr. Yizing Ni - Supelco Inc. State College, PA, USA
Dr. Alex Oliver - ForrestBrown Limited, Bristol, UK
Dr. Samuel Pearce - PDRF with Prof. Juan Perez-Mercader, Harvard University, MA, USA
Dr. Timothy J. Peckham - Ballard Advanced Materials, Burnaby, Canada
Dr. Stefan Pfirrmann - Microresist Technology GmbH, Berlin
Dr. John K. Pudelski - Lubrizol Inc. Cleveland, OH, USA
Dr. Rui Resendes - Bayer, Sarnia, Canada
Dr. Diego Resendiz-Lara - Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
Dr. Alasdair Robertson - PDRF Prof. Neil Burford, University of Victoria, BC, Canada
Dr. Matthew Robinson - Cambridge International Currculum Centre of Beijing Normal University, China
Dr. Ralph Ruffolo - Ontario Ministry of the Environment, ON, Canada
Dr. Inma Matas Ruiz - Research Associate, University of Seville, Spain
Dr. Ron Rulkens - Novellus Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, USA
Dr. Andy Russell - PDRF Prof. Matthew Davidson, University of Bath, UK
Dr. Matt Sloan - PDRF Prof. Warren Piers, Calgary, AB, Canada
Dr. Tom Taylor - PDRF Prof. Warren Piers, Calgary, AB, Canada
Dr. Karen Temple - IBM, Whiteplains, NY, USA
Dr. Ulrich Tritschler - BASF, Germany
Dr. Guido Vandermeulen - BASF, Germany
Dr. Ulf Vogel - Research Associate with Prof. Manfred Scheer, Universität Regensburg, Germany
Dr. Hai Wang - Opalux Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
Dr. Yishan Wang - Research Scientist in Beijing R&D center of Brady Corp., China
Dr. George Whittell - Edwards, Bristol, UK
Dr. Jiawen Zhuo - Lanxess, Germany
Dr. Ralf Ziembinski - Rehau AG & Co., Germany