Our research focuses on the development of new synthetic approaches to functional molecules, polymers and materials. We are interested in the synthesis and applications on length scales from 1 nanometer - 100 microns. Our projects are diverse and range from catalysis to polymer synthesis and self-assembly, and involve molecular chemistry, polymer and materials science, and nanoscience with a particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on exploiting the interesting and characteristic features of main group and transition elements as well as those of organic materials.

Over the ca. 30 years of our operation we have been very fortunate to attract exceptionally talented and motivated people from all over the world to our diverse research group. Our international group typically operates at a level of 20 - 40 members and this includes mainly postdoctoral researchers and graduate students but also permanent staff, undergraduates, and visiting scientists.

To find out more about our current group members, their backgrounds and their individual research projects, please see our Group Page. Click on Group Alumni to find out about the positions that former group members have taken up worldwide on leaving our group. Most former group members subsequently find positions either in industry (at home or abroad) or in government labs. However, some find teaching positions, some work on patent issues, and around 50 now hold professorial academic positions worldwide in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand.

Our current research involves three main areas and each generates a range of exciting projects of both fundamental and applied interest.

Catalysis with Main Group Substrates

as a route to new inorganic molecules, polymers and ceramics.

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with applications in, for example, nanolithography or biomedicine, and as magnetic or responsive materials.

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Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly

of block copolymers and other building blocks such as planar π-stacking organic molecules and metallocycles to form uniform, colloidally-stable 1D and 2D materials with applications from information storage and nanoelectronics to liquid crystals and nanomedicine.

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