Michael's Cooking

I am an avid hobby cook. Here some of the dishes I recently made, full of the flavors that vegetables from our own, completely organic garden bring to the table. Cooking, as gardening, are rewarding ways of being in the world, nothing else is of importance once one abandons oneself to the pleasures of creating and transforming the food one eats from seed to the table. Every act in the process is a political act, working against GMOs, global transportation, exploitation of the poor, and so forth. The transformation of the world begins, literally, in our own back yards. Here some recipes:


I am an avid hobby cook, preparing everything from scratch and from our organic garden, which provides us with vegetables year round and with many fruits and berries in season. I wouldn't mind a bigger kitchen, though, as there is little space for two people at the same time, especially with my rapid turning movements.

Here some of the vegetables we eat harvest and eat in October, November, and February.

Grilled vegetables and tofu with honey mustard sauce

Labneh on mint with black Moroccan olives and olive oil

Oatmeal tartlets with minted hummus

Baccalà Mantecato (Venitian)


Squash soup

Summer salad with squash flowers

Pesto-filled cherry tomatoes

Pumpkin roulade


Roasted pepper with caramelized garlic


Tuscan olive bread

Tomato salad


Risotto, squash, and pistachio

Tomato blue cheese soup with basil

Goujonettes de sole

Pumpkin soup with tofu and barley dumplings and basil


Rocket quiche with fried basil leaves

Salad and fried haloumy

Tomato aspic with snapper, egg, & prawn

Jerusalem artichoke soup


Squash cauliflower ginger and lemon grass soup

Mousse of sardines with rutabaga variations

Avocado cream with tomato and olive oil

Crème brulée, cheesecake ice cream and strawberry sauce


Pan Pizza

Pumpkin quiche

Kamut bread


Pizza with local mussels


Sablefish potato salad

Leek tart (Lauchkuchen)

3-colored terrine

Smoked mackerel, Jerusalem artichoke, rutabaga


Leek terrine with red wine sauce

Flamiche aux poireaux

Trout in almond coat with creamy leek

Cheesy leek tart


Bourride (French fish soup)


Lentil and mussel soup

Halibut with shrimp sauce


Cauliflower-pea terrine with Sauce maltaise

Beet root salad with baked yoghurt slices

Seared tuna, arugula sauce, parmesan tiles

Pizza with pears and blue cheese


Thai-style fish soup