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Introduction to Vector Calculus

Trefor Bazett
University of Victoria
December 21, 2022
This video text consists of an introduction to Vector Calculus, and is the first ~1/3 of the course Math 204 at the University of Victoria. The remaining ~2/3 of that course is on Ordinary Differential Equations and the videos for that section are in this ODE textbook adapted for Math 204 1 .
I call it a "video book" because it primarily consists of a series of videos. These videos comprised the bulk of an asynchronous online course taught in Spring 2021. Surrounding the videos are Learning Objectives, text summaries, pre- and post-video exercises, and other resources. That is, this video text goes beyond just the playlist on YouTube by providing these additional supports that help scaffold the videos themselves. This is particularly important given my general view that learning mathematics is something best done when you are actively DOING mathematics, and not just passively watching videos.
If you prefer just the videos, the playlist of all videos from both this book and the ODE book in order is below
Notes about YouTube: Videos in this playlist are not monetized and contain no calls-to-action (ex: "Like and Subscribe"). However, YouTube will unfortunately nevertheless play ads on unmonetized videos occasionally. I additionally and separately have a large public YouTube channel that contains most of the same videos, but those videos often will have calls-to-action in them. It is thus recomended that any UVic student use the version of the videos linked in this video textbook.